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SL Geek Store is providing a unique warranty with almost all items . If your product is covered by our warranty , you will get a warranty card with the package . If you have any questions , just ask from us through chat or call us 0788897999 . There are mainly 3 types of warranty available .

(1) Checking warranty – All the products are pre checked . If something happen within the deliver process , you will get a new item back .

(2) 6 months warranty – This will cover all manufacture faults which occurred within 6 months from the purchased date .

(3) 1 Year warranty – This will cover all manufacture faults which occurred within 1 Year from the purchased date .


With all tech accessories , we provide SL Geek Store warranty and for Smart Phones , we will provide company warranty .

(1) SL Geek Store Warrenty

If your warranty having 6 months , first 3 months are the best period of your warranty . If your warranty having 1 year , first 5 months are the best period . Withing the best period , you can claim your warrenty by sending the product to us . You can use registered post . If you pay courier returning charges , we can send a agent to pick the item . Then after discovering the issue , we will send a new device / Fixed device to you . after best period , you have to visit SL Geek Store to claim warranty . Call us for more info – 0788897999 . Please note that , this warranty is only applicable if and only if it’s a fault by manufacture .


(2) Company warranty

Depends on company rules and regulations .