SONIC GEAR TITAN 2 USB Powered Speaker RGB Color Patterns
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SONIC GEAR TITAN 2 USB Powered Speaker RGB Color Patterns

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The Titan 2 is a newly added member into the Titan series, being a younger member in its siblings (Titan 5, Titan 7 and Titan 9), the Titan 2 is a USB powered speaker. The Titan 2 believed to be newly launched in the international market, including Malaysia as there are not dedicated website page to check out what the speaker actually offers. So, we bought one unit to test it out


The Titan 2 was packaged in a small, well designed box. The box feels light indicating that, the speaker unit should be light as well. The description of the Titan 2 was well placed and the related information regarding the speaker was well placed.

After unboxing the package, the Titan 2 was arranged in a simple manner without wrapping with product cushioning (styrofoam) which is a big-big minus here. The supplied standard accessories are a pair unit of Titan 2 and a single warranty card.

Highlighted Features

  • Extra Bass
  • 7 Pulsating RGB colors sync with the music beat
  • High efficiency digital circuit wired volume controller
  • Highly efficient custom-built SonicGear full range drivers


There is no official dedicated product page of this speaker model in the official product manufacturer website, hence the only trusted source of the specification ‘taken’ from the packaging box.

Total System Power 6W RMS
Driver Size 2.75″ x 2
Frequency Response 50 Hz – 20 KHz
Power Input USB 5V
Misc Features
  • 7 Color Lightning FX with music synchronized.
  • 2.0 Speaker system with extra bass.
  • High efficiency digital circuit w/ built-in wired controller.

A friendly reminder, kindly address this issue as it would cause a hassle for the audio enthusiast to obtain a detailed specification sheet of this speaker.


To make the game fair, we only will be comparing with other tested USB speakers by us previously. To kick off the review, we will begin with the setting up process. Titan 2 comes with a single USB male connector and a 3.5mm audio jack, both were hard-wired in a centre wired control, also present, a volume controller as well. The speaker doesn’t come with a physical on/off button, hence, do make sure you’ve fully charged your laptop exception for PC users, to enable the speaker to heat up well for first burning in session as the audio quality will improve over the time until the end of burning in session ends. The Titan 2 is highly compatible with older laptop that comes with USB 2.0 ports as well as the latest USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports.

Issues Identified

The first obvious issues are the size of the speaker. The Titan 2 is quite bulky and slightly huge, however, don’t judge its actual weight from its appearance as the cheap plastic used makes the speaker feel light and, there is a small bass reflex port located at the rear of each speaker unit.


Next, there is no RGB control for the speaker. The wired controller only offers a single function, a volume controller. In addition, then if you’re using a laptop, especially those that comes with non-removable battery option, you really have to be careful as it can drain laptop’s battery when you’re not using your laptop.

Last but not least, the speaker will automatically power on when the speaker was plugged and the only way to power it down is by unplugging the USB cable from your laptop, which can lead to long term damage to your laptop USB ports.

Audio Experience

For a better audio quality output, it is highly advisable to tweak your on-board equalizer settings or your preferred media player equalizer settings. It is not advisable to tweak two different equalizer on different platform, i.e. on-board and media player at the same time as, it will eventually kill the audio quality from the speaker.

We will start with the bass quality first. Titan 2 was tuned by SonicGear to give out extra bass for each scenario such as music or movie session. The bass quality from Titan 2 is quite surprisingly good only if the volume was set below or in the range of 60%. However, when the volume was turned higher, the bass will distort and it is not pleasing our ears.

Next, we will move into the vocal quality. As expected, this speaker doesn’t comes with tweeters so, the quality of the vocal might be differ from the actual 2.0 bookshelf speakers out there. Remember there are no USB powered speakers that offers tweeters in the market, yet. Enough of ranting, so the vocal quality is not very impressive and if you’re a movie person, then, you might face difficulties to catch up the vocals in the movie especially during the action sequence.


When it comes to balance, adding the bass and vocal quality together, the Titan 2 performs the best at the volume lesser or in the range of 60% state. Turning the volume higher will cause you dissatisfaction to your ears.

Comparison with other USB Powered Speaker (Brands & Model)

Now, we’ve come to the important part of the review, kindly remember the audio tested by us varies in terms of music genres and, the outcome of the test conducted was tabulated by us, thus, the actual result may vary depends on your taste on audio genre.

Scaled from 0% to 100%.

From the graph tabulated above, we can conclude that, the Titan 2 currently leads the speaker benchmark in terms of bass-vocal-balance based and when tested with different music genres, the result varies.


Pricing at SRP of RM29.00 ($7.14), this is by far, the cheapest RGB USB powered speaker available in the market. The Titan 2 claims the speaker was specially tuned to give out an extra bass for each song played to ensure an optimal music – movie session, thus, this claim is true.


Next, we look at the audio quality when two different scenarios, music – movie takes place. We didn’t include our experience during gaming session because, USB powered speakers can’t really give the best audio experience for the enthusiasts out there. The Titan 2’s audio quality is pretty decent, not the very best, but, acceptable for basic music listening experience for those who willing to trade the budget by sacrificing audio quality. Differs in audio output from the movie, the quality is not very impressive as the vocals may fade over the bass and, turning the volume loud causes the distortion in the audio quality.

Last but not least, since the speaker is very light, turning to higher volume rattles the speaker, thus, you’ve to diy the speaker base with a carbon fiber isolation base pad (optional) or the speaker manufacturer should release Titan 2 revision 2 (optional). To sum the things up, the Titan 2 really suitable for budget seekers with added RGB as an option for USB powered speakers (interesting marketing gimmick thou), you can blast your favorite song inside your dorm along with  7 music synchronized color effects.

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